Six Tips to Create Winning Teams

Your success, and the success of your organization, will hinge largely on the performance of the teams you’re responsible for. In today’s workplace teams are no longer optional. It’s no longer a question of using a team approach or not using a team approach. The question is will your teams be winners?

How to Suck as a Leader: 10 Easy Steps | Part 3

Well, here we are – the final three never-fail methods to suck as a leader. In parts one and two I covered seven things you can do to really “stink it up” as a leader. (1) Make it all about you, (2) don’t worry about serving, (3) be a know-it-all, (4) do not think about or talk about the future, (5) resist change, (6) play the blame game, and (7) don’t communicate.



How to Suck as a Leader: 10 Easy Steps | Part 1

I once worked for someone – we’ll call him George (name changed to protect the innocent). George, despite being assigned a title that reflected leadership, was quite possibly the worst leader I’ve ever encountered. However, being someone who believes that there is something to be learned from every situation, I did glean some wisdom as a result of the experience. What could I possibly learn from perhaps the world’s worst leader you ask? I learned how to suck as a leader (should you ever want to).


10 Steps to Inbox Survival

Do you ever reach the end of a day and feel like you’ve accomplished nothing? It’s a depressing feeling for sure. We hit the ground that morning ready to conquer the world and then, the end of the day arrives, we look back and our To-Do list appears to have actually grown. I hate when that happens. However, over seventy-percent of the time, I can point to one thing that sabotaged my day. That one thing is also what, most often, sabotages your day. What is it?