Review of Calendars 5 by Readdle

My entire life is in my calendar. I can’t imagine not having immediate access, regardless of where I am, to my schedule. That’s why I use a calendar that syncs between my Mac, my iPhone, and my iPad. All I do is enter an appointment on one of my devices and, like magic, it shows up on all my devices. Syncing, of course, is not new. It’s been around quite some time, but it is nonetheless, critical to me – and I suspect many others.

While reliable syncing is a non-negotiable in terms of my scheduling, another key factor is the actual tool itself – the calendar. For quite some time, I’ve used Calendars+ by Readdle. Calendars+ works great. I love it. It has made my life much easier. If you’re a Calendars+ user, you know what I mean. Calendars+ offers lots of advantages over the built-in iOS calendars on the iPhone and iPad.


Startup CEO

Startup CEO: A Field Guide to Scaling Up Your Business (Hoboken, NJ: Wiley & Sons, 2013)

I don’t care if you’re a first time CEO or a veteran of the corner office, you need to read this book!

While big company CEOs are usually groomed for the job for years, startup CEOs aren’t—and they’re often young and relatively inexperienced in business in general. Author Matt Blumberg, a technology and marketing entrepreneur, knows this all too well. Back in 1999, he started a company called Return Path, which later became the driving force behind the creation of his blog, OnlyOnce—because “you’re only a first time CEO once.”

Now, more than a decade later, he’s written Startup CEO. As the fifth book in the StartUp Revolutionseries, this reliable resource is based on Blumberg’s experience as a startup CEO and covers a number of issues he’s faced over the dozen years he’s been a CEO.

  • Offers valuable insights into how the CEO sets the overall vision and strategy of the company and communicates it to all stakeholders
  • Discusses how to build a company’s human capital by recruiting, hiring, and retaining the very best talent
  • Examines how a CEO must align available resources with the company’s strategy in order to ensure success
  • Addresses what it takes to master the “How” of being a CEO—from leading an executive team to managing in any type of market

Engaging and informative, this book is essential reading for any, and every, CEO.

Click here to purchase Startup CEO: A Field Guide to Scaling Up Your Business

Why I Still Use Things (as my task manager)

It seems every time I go online, there’s a new task manager app available. Some to them look pretty good. Some, well… not so much. I’m sure there are some fantastic apps out there to help me manage my To-Dos, but I really don’t want to take the time to learn another system. Don’t get me wrong. I’ve tried lots of other task management solutions. I download the free trial, give it a shot for 30-days, then realize it’s either no better that what I was using or it’s just too complicated and I’m not getting (and may never get) the full benefit of all the product’s bells and whistles.


Four Steps to Your Most Productive Day Ever

Today, we’re all busier than ever. Technology has not reduced our workload. In many cases, it has added to the amount we’re expected to accomplish each day. In the midst of our  chaotic days, we don’t have to look very hard to find the latest advice regarding how to be more productive. The problem however, is we don’t have the time to learn a new productivity system. So, what do we do?


How to Survive as a Leader: Seven Things You Should Do

Lots of people want to be a leader. A leader of something. Many have the idea that being a leader means you have all the power or you can tell everyone else what to do. Often we confuse leadership with dictatorship. I sometimes hear, from leader “wannabes,” things like, “If I was in charge, here’s what I would do.” Or, “If I was the boss, I’d change that, and that, and make everyone do this.” Ah, if only it were so easy.