“We don’t have enough money…”

Churches face a myriad of challenges and difficulties. I know. I’ve been there. Growing a church is not easy work. Whenever I’m talking to a church staff member or leader, in addition to sharing their challenges with me, they also almost always tell me about their God-sized dreams. I love hearing about these exciting visions. I love hearing the passion and excitement that accompanies the sharing of these dreams.


My Top 2 Goal-Setting Mistakes

Every year I, like many others I suspect, create a list of new year’s resolutions. Sometimes the list is just in my head – which is a problem in itself – and sometimes I write the resolutions down somewhere. However, again like many other people, I fall short on many of those resolutions. Even more discouraging is the fact it doesn’t take me long to completely abandon many of my goals for the new year. I won’t speak for anyone else, but if I had to guess I’d speculate that I’m not alone in this regard.