How well does your church connect with your community. This video, created by Artistry Labs, asks the question, “What if Starbucks marketed like a church?”

The video can  be seen on the YouTube channel of Richard Reising by clicking here. Also, visit Richard’s blog, Beyond Relevance, by clicking here.

Question(s): Are you effectively connecting with the unchurched and de-churched in your community? What does a guest see when they come to your church for the first time?

How to Engage Your Donors Using Contribution Statements (I’m serious)

Giving statements may be one of the most under utilized ways to improve the culture of generosity in your church. Most churches I talk to send them out once a year, and then it’s only because it’s required. The use of multiple giving statements, throughout the course of a year, can be a fantastic addition to your generosity toolbox. So, how does it work? Keep reading…


What will your church look like in 5-Years?

Five years from now, what do you want your church to look like? Do you want to be the same as you are today? My guess is you want to look different… better… more like Christ.

This video, produced by Campus Church in Norcross, GA addresses this question in a unique way. The video was created using words from a Sunday morning message by Preaching Minister, Dusty Rush.

What will your church look like if five years?

Question: What do you need to change today?

Video created by James Hutcheson of Lamp Post Studios