Where to? Do you really know where you’re going?

Have you ever ridden in a taxi? If you have, you know the drill. Once you’re lucky enough to flag down a cab, you climb in and the driver asks, “Where to?”

Pretty simple question, right? What would happen if your reply to the driver was, “I’m not sure.” I don’t know how the driver would react, but I can be sure you wouldn’t go anywhere. You’ve got to have a destination in mind when you begin a journey.


10 Steps to Successful Change in Your Organization

Whenever I ask someone, “What’s the biggest challenge your organization is facing?”, one of the top three answers is always something like, “We simply can’t get our people to change.” Change has long been the thorn in the side of many  groups. The truth is, people just don’t like change. It’s true. And that includes you and I. Sure, we’re all for change when it’s our idea, but when it’s not… well, change doesn’t seem so appealing then.