Where to? Do you really know where you’re going?

Have you ever ridden in a taxi? If you have, you know the drill. Once you’re lucky enough to flag down a cab, you climb in and the driver asks, “Where to?”

Pretty simple question, right? What would happen if your reply to the driver was, “I’m not sure.” I don’t know how the driver would react, but I can be sure you wouldn’t go anywhere. You’ve got to have a destination in mind when you begin a journey.


“We don’t have enough money…”

Churches face a myriad of challenges and difficulties. I know. I’ve been there. Growing a church is not easy work. Whenever I’m talking to a church staff member or leader, in addition to sharing their challenges with me, they also almost always tell me about their God-sized dreams. I love hearing about these exciting visions. I love hearing the passion and excitement that accompanies the sharing of these dreams.


The Most Important Part of Your Strategic Plan

Being someone who works with businesses and organizations in the development of strategic plans, I know all too well the importance of sound and strategic development. However, the creation of the plan, and the elements of the plan are secondary to one thing. There is one piece that is responsible for the failing of more well-thought-out and carefully-crafted strategic initiatives than any other. What is that one thing? Execution.

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