About Me


I’m Greg Morris. I live in Atlanta, GA. My beautiful wife, Jill, and I have four boys – Sean, Sully, Jake, and Colin. We don’t have a dog… it’s a long story.

One of my passions is leadership. I’ve spent most of my life reading and learning about leadership and serving in positions of leadership. Through my successes, education, and reading I’ve learned a lot about this topic. However, I’ve learned much more, regarding that topic, through my failures than through any other means. The bad news is (I guess) lots of failure – the good news… each time I’ve failed, I’ve learned a lot.

The name of my blog is Practical Leadership from the Trenches. Why? Well, (1) my goal is to make every post practical… you know, something you can take and apply or use right away and (2) because, the real value I bring to the table when it comes to leadership, comes from my time in the trenches – down in the mud, fighting those day to day battles that often hurt a lot, but, in the end make us stronger.

I have a passion for the local church and I love walking alongside church leaders and helping them achieve their God-inspired visions. Much of what you’ll read  here is geared for the local church.

When I’m not blogging I like to read (leadership, management, and business books mostly), run, golf, watch college football (I’d play, but they won’t let me… something about being over 40), and do photography.

Oh, by the way, I’m a serial entrepreneur. I do church consulting as well as management and marketing consulting. You can check me out at the following sites:

  • gregorykmorris.com – that’s this blog… here, I focus on leadership, productivity, strategy, etc. – much of it is aimed at churches, but I also cover leadership (in general), strategy, productivity, and generosity.
  • churchdevelopmentconsulting.com – my Church Consulting business. I love partnering with church leaders to grow their churches and reach more people.
  • theincreasegroup.org – this is my management & marketing consulting business. The new site is still under construction, but should be up really soon.

Also, take a look at Generis. I work with Generis to help churches, private Christian schools, and other Christian ministries accelerate generosity toward their God-inspired vision.

Check me out on those sites and please contact me if I can serve you in any way.